Janette's Platform

What I intend to bring to the board, that my opponents in the upcoming primary don’t have, is a scientific and medical perspective.

In this era of antiscientific thinking, it’s more important than ever to get experts into local government who can use data to drive decision-making to protect our communities.

And that’s exactly what I intend to do. On day one, my priority will be protecting the health and safety of every person in DuPage County, especially our most vulnerable.

We can do this by preparing our communities for the public health effects that climate change is bringing. These include increased flooding which will overwhelm our stormwater systems and bring disease-bearing mosquitoes and ticks, increased heat which is a specific danger for outdoor workers, and decreasing air quality which causes asthma and other breathing difficulties.

We must embrace the $1.9 trillion renewable energy industry not only to bolster our health, but also to bolster our economy. Business as usual is not sustainable for the long haul. We cannot let DuPage County get left behind.

I envision DuPage embracing renewable energy, and investing in local business and union labor to design and build green infrastructure. Our emphasis needs to be on community innovation and keeping our dollars local.

I need your vote to make all of this happen. Mail-in and early voting begin on Feb. 6. Election Day is on March 17.

Remember: Dr. DeFelice for DuPage County Board.